The BOSU® Balance Trainer and Pilates – A Perfect Match


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The BOSU® Balance Trainer and Pilates – A Perfect Match The BOSU® Balance Trainer is the perfect accessory to compliment a wide range of authentic Pilates exercises. Incorporate the Balance Trainer into mat classes and in conjunction with other traditional … Continue reading

Pomegranate juice’s therapeutic benefits


Pomegranate juice (PG) was recently studied in a randomized placebo-controlled trial conducted by the Nephrology Department of the Western Galilee Hospital, Israel. The study showed an increase in innate immune function and a decrease in the progression of the atherosclerotic … Continue reading

BOSU – Balance for Tennis Performance


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Written by Douglas S. Brooks, MS & Peter Twist, MSc The systems, strategies and tactics in tennis are best described as organized chaos. During a match, no competitor – even those with great on-court intuition – knows exactly what will … Continue reading