Gravity Pilates Evolved – What is it?


Give your core a whole lot more.  Experience the benefits of pilates mat work with a new slant.

Experience the benefits of Pilates mat work with a new slant. Gain greater awareness, alignment and attention to detail with exercises on multiple planes.

I have been a Pilates instructor for over 9 years and a group fitness instructor and personal trainer for over 15 years.  I have seen the popularity of pilates grow and grow and marveled at the wide variety of pilates styles, equipment, brand names, training providers.  I love pilates and what it has done for me personally and my clients too – I use the pilates principles in everything I teach – whatever the workout – even Battle Ropes and HIIT.

Whilst researching for a current marketing campaign I came across a vast amount of pilates studios spread throughout New Zealand – all claiming to be the very best, the most traditional, remaining with the true teachings of Pilates , many offering their own training course for instructors – but they all had the same thing in common – they all offered the same exercises completed on the same style of equipment…..

Well I have found something different and really, really good – it’s still pilates but it’s fresh and clients love it – it also works with biomechanical physiology and functional movement patterns.  I am not a traditionalist, I like to be different and stand out from the crowd – whilst traditional pilates studios in my area have either failed or are struggling to get regular clients and full classes – my studio has waiting lists……

Traditional… with a slant

GRAVITY Pilates offers traditional Pilates mat and reformer repertoires and then blends them with new evolved Pilates-based exercises that are specific to Total Gym equipment .  The assistance technology provided by the Total Gym incline allows participants to achieve traditionally advanced exercises at earlier stages in their training, thereby creating an environment for participants to feel success quickly and to help them grasp the concepts of core engagement and functional movement patterns with ease.

The use of incline levels, supports and challenges you to assist improvement in flexibility, strength, body awareness and stability helping your clients to feel successful immediately.

  • These engaging classes make Pilates more accessible to participants. Offering traditional and evolved programs. GRAVITY Pilates overcomes strength and flexibility limitations and improves core stability, flexibility, and control for all levels.
  • Sessions can be private, semi-private or run as larger group Pilates evolved classes. The Total Gym Gravity Training System personalises Pilates for each individuals’ height, strength and flexibility, allowing individuals to perform the Pilates exercises correctly and feel more successful, regardless of their level of experience.
  • Joseph H. Pilates gave the world an intuitive, visionary exercise method. GRAVITY Pilates, with the multi-level incline plane resistance, gives Pilates participants the ability to perform exercises more efficiently and effectively for greater, faster results.

Testimony from GRAVITY Pilates Evolved clients

Stephanie Williams, Orewa, Auckland says…

“These are amazing (Total Gym units).  I am such an advocate of using these! Following some recent surgery on my torso (kidney) which has meant all the muscle I have built as a direct result from the GTS has seriously helped my recovery and mobility! Thanks Kerry for introducing me to the amazing value of GTS units and pilates. You rock!”

Andrea McFarlane, Red Beach, Auckland (suffers with osteoarthritis of the hips)…

 “Hi Kerry! My hips feel great after yesterday – wish I could come tonight too!!! Didn’t expect to be feeling the benefit after such a short time! :)”

If you would like to find out more email Kerry Johnson

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