What’s So Great About Total Gym?

Whats s good about Total Gym

Total Gym the brand name for most people conjures up pictures of Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley and infomercials. A well known piece of fitness equipment for the home user, that a lot of trainers dismiss as they probably think that it can’t possibly be as good as the Americans on the infomercials say.  Well news flash people – it truly can and does do everything it says on the box!!!

Hand on heart – I am a complete Total Gym convert – with over 15 years working in the fitness industry teaching nearly every kind of fitness class possible, training and working in traditional bog standard gyms and being trained in pilates  – I was sceptical too!  But in the past 3 years I have put the Total Gym to the test and completely immersed myself in everything Total Gym.  Training on the units myself, learning all about the units, the exercises, the business side of things, the education, training my own clients on them, helping studios to implement Total Gym into their businesses.

Full Product Line Up

I have seen small studios turn their businesses around – increasing revenue and clients.  I have witnessed my own clients transform their bodies, rid them of back pain, improve core strength, cardio endurance, tone muscle and loose body fat, overall strength and mobility improvement.  I’ve experienced the same improvements in my own fitness, I’ve also improved my shoulder stability issues, rehabilitated myself after abdominal surgery last year and created  defined muscle tone – all this without any pin loaded gym equipment, no bench presses, no heavy squats, no leg press, no dumbbells, no treadmills, oh and no burpees people!!!  Just short 30-40 minute workouts on Total Gym x 3 a week and recently 1 session a week using Battle Ropes or short beach sprints.

I am a busy lady – I work for HQH Fitness 3 days a week and occasionally at weekends as their NZ Sales Manager and Workshop Presenter plus I have a small studio at home, run community based pilates classes locally and also teach pilates and small group training on Total Gym out of In Shape Studio (a small boutique studio which offers personal training and small group sessions on Total Gym).   Helen the owner has done so amazingly well in the past year and the GRAVITY Programming has certainly turned her business around.  The word of mouth is incredible and every week there are new people coming in the door.  It is really starting to gain a momentum all of its own.  I love working there with her.  In just 4 months I’ve increased what I do in the local area 3 fold, plus I can work solid for 3-4 hours running fully booked sessions without wearing myself out.  I’ve run a local Pilates class for over 3 years and struggled to get people to attend more than one session a week.  Since starting at In Shape and being able to offer short multiple sessions through the week my clients are now training with me 2-3 times a week – TRUTH!

I can really see a huge potential for other boutique studios to be able to tap into the same kind of success.   Darren MacKay down in Timaru (Down to Earth Fitness Training) is having similar success to Helen running a GRAVITY studio operating on really family friendly hours.  Small studios really benefit by moving away from being just a gym and a one on one personal training model – GRAVITY Programming on Total Gym increases the effectiveness of your small group and semi-private training – it’s a lot of fun, extremely effective and motivational for your clients, they can bring friends along, plus a much greater use of your time and a better revenue gathering tool.  As a rehab tool they are awesome machines too.  At In Shape we work in with local Physiotherapists and get a lot of referrals.  Physiotherapy Clinics also benefit from offering GRAVITY Programming on Total Gym – The Active Physio Group have a few clinics that are operating very successfully with Total Gym being the key to their small group training/Pilates/Rehab.

Total Gym Model

Yes it is a big change for a studio, and a bit of a learning curve  –  but a good change, and you can still run all the existing services.   I love teaching my clients on Total Gym – for me it ticks all the boxes – its functional, its strength, cardio, rehab, pilates all rolled into one fun workout – I can do HIIT, Power, yoga, Pilates inspired workouts to suit all my clients.  I can help my clients rid themselves of niggly back pain, improve their posture, educate them about technique and body awareness, improve glute and core function, train their stabilising muscles and give them a burn that they love.  I can honestly say I cannot achieve the same fully integrated functional workout in such a short space of time using any other piece of gym kit – Total Gym offers so much more than most of you appreciate – it’s fun, effective and easy once you know how!

I’m more than happy to keep being successful with Total Gym and helping out all the studios that are already running GRAVITY Programmes.  Total Gym has been around since the 70’s – its not a new fad, or trend – it is tried and true with GRAVITY Programming which is constantly evolving.  The main problem with the fitness industry is that everyone wants to be the same (or maybe just thinks the same –so boring guys)!  – if you are all the same how does your next potential client choose who to go too?  What makes you different from all the other gyms/studios/personal trainers/bootcampers in your area – 24/7 been done already, cheap membership – done already, bootcamp on grab one – what not another one -yawn,  you are a people person – yep we all are….. Be brave, be different, give your clients the best possible workout and service ever that doesn’t break them – in the body, mind and pocket – GRAVITY Programming on Total Gym.

I challenge you to try one of my sessions – if you are ever in the Auckland area and want to try it for yourself let me know – I dare you!

About – Kerry Johnson 

Kerry (1)With over fifteen years experience in the fitness industry. Kerry has worked in a wide range of fitness and leisure centres in the UK and New Zealand, including Fitness First, Configure Express, Contours, Council run Leisure Centres and Corporate Leisure companies.   With experience of being a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness instructor, Studio Co-ordinator and Club Management – Kerry is a passionate, energetic presenter.  She enjoys seeing how the ‘fitness experience’ is evolving and improving health and fitness for all. Kerry teaches group fitness, GRAVITY Programmes and pilates on the North Shore & on the Hibiscus Coast plus runs her own PT business from her home studio and In Shape Studio in Whangaparaoa.  She also currently works for HQH Fitness and her role involves providing business solutions for people interested in setting up a new functional fitness studio or gym. She is also a Master Trainer in multiple fitness systems, a GRIDX/MAX Trainer for the Active Physio Group and ACC and runs workshops & courses through HQH Fitness.

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