The One Minute Workout

Have I caught your attention?!? Read about the science and why this could get you motivated and work for you in 2022.

(Global expert in High-Intensity Interval Training, Professional Athlete, Kinesiologist and Exercise Sport Scientist Meghan Jarvis, explains how almost anyone can get the benefits of HIIT – in almost no time at all).

For the past few years, time-starved gym enthusiasts have whittled down exercise to roughly the amount of time it takes to make a cup of coffee. You may of heard of the The 20 Minute Body, 10 Minute Abs, even the Seven Minute Workout.

Now here’s one better: One Minute Workout! The One Minute Workout has been developed, tested, and proven and now we are creating video workouts showcasing the formula on how to train and sharing the research behind it. Are we really talking about a workout lasting for just 60 seconds, you may ask?

Specifically, the One Minute Workout is three 20-second bursts of very hard exercise. It is typically set within a ten-minute time commitment, so there’s a short warm-up, short cooldown, and bouts of recovery within those intervals of work. Therefore, depending on your fitness goals, allowing 10 minutes of exercise, three times a week can be all the exercise you require. Please see our example of the one-minute workout for the entire family.

As we now have people exercising for lots of different reasons. We have good evidence that intervals can be a time-efficient way to generate a lot of the fitness benefits that we usually associate with a more traditional continuous moderate approach, such as traditional aerobic training and HIIT.

When the One Minute Workout protocol is compared against the traditional exercise guidelines it’s shown that after several months the improvement in; Cardiorespiratory fitness on average is the same. The improvement in health-related indices like insulin sensitivity is the same.

Even changes in physiological markers, such as mitochondrial content and cellular changes in the muscles, on average, are the same!

This shows that you can elicit adaptations that are very similar to traditional endurance exercise in less time with an interval-based approach. That’s not to say this is the only way to train, or that people should only do a few minutes of exercise a week. It’s not going to elicit all the adaptations that we associate with the traditional approach. It rather gives the inspiration to move, even when you are short for time.

Still thinking it’s too good to be true, that 20 seconds of intense exercise can be that effective?

Intensity is key to make those 20 seconds so valuable. As you can imagine, these bouts of exercise are not going to be easy. Therefore, if you’re wanting the benefits of short-burst exercise you need to go hard.

Several studies show that people cycled as hard as they could for 20 seconds, you could equate that to running up hill as hard as you can for 20 seconds. We’re talking about all-out efforts. Researchers from McMaster University in Ontario proved 60 measly seconds of intense exercise can increase endurance capacity and lower blood pressure. For the study, 14 participants took on a six-week training program on the stationary bike. Three times a week they completed a session that included three 20-second all-out intervals, spread between easy pedalling. That one minute of intense effort (18 total minutes through the entire study) boosted endurance levels 12%. The interesting thing is though, because the efforts are relatively short and followed by a period of recovery, they’re not perceived as all-out maximal.

From the New York Times:

“The men and women had increased their endurance capacity by an average of 12 percent, a significant improvement. They also, as a group, had healthier blood pressures and higher levels within their muscles of certain biochemical substances that increase the number and activity of mitochondria. Mitochondria are the energy powerhouses of cells, so more mitochondria mean better endurance and fitness.”

The importance of this study isn’t that it proves you only need one minute of exercise, it’s just not that easy to get ripped. The importance is it proves the power of exercise, any exercise.

These finding prove that just one minute of movement can boost your health. For seriously noticeable results, you need to work out for longer than it takes to heat up a cold slice of pizza. But if you truly can only spare 60 seconds (plus a warm-up and cool down), performing any of these five HIIT moves have the power to do some damage and get you closer to your health and fitness goals this year.

1. Burpee

A HIIT classic. You only have a minute so make sure your form is perfect on everyone.

2. Squat Jumps

Make sure you are standing fully upright, aiming for as much height as possible on each one.

3. Stair Run

Because you only have one minute, make sure you find a staircase that’s tall enough to run up at a full sprint the entire time. This one will sear your lungs as much as your calves.

4. Push up

Add a clap in between each one for more of a challenge.

5. Jump Rope

An efficient cardio exercise that can get a lot done in just one minute.

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Meghan Jarvis A former World Class BMX bicycle racer, Meghan came to Australia to play professional basketball and stayed as a lead lecturer at the Australian Institute of Fitness. Meghan’s passion for fitness and entrepreneurialism led her to found WellCorp Health and Wellness and Buzvil, a global health and fitness app. She most recently appeared as an actor and stunt woman in the new Blockbuster ‘Elvis’, the Portable Door, Aqua Man and has been a ‘Ninja’ on Channel Nine’s Australian Ninja Warrior. She is also the head of Total Gym Fitness Equipment Australia, Suspension Training and Altitude Training International Master Coach, making her an authority on peak performance and an international speaker. Her experiences as an athlete, educational portfolio (Masters of Education and Coaching Science, Kinesiologist, Sports Scientist), entrepreneurial ventures, and enthusiastic character have shaped her as a formidable leader in health and fitness. She believes strongly in the importance of redefining and bridging the gap between physical and mental health. Meghan has guided many people to achieve complete personal breakthroughs and phenomenal mind, body, and business growth.

How to improve Indoor Air Quality and prevent Covid from spreading

NZ Government relaxes Covid restrictions March 26,2022

That is welcome news but how does that make life safer in New Zealand?

When you think about it, protections that were in place didn’t actually protect anyone, it was mainly a way of tracking the effects of the virus and reducing physical contact to minimise spread. The best protection is to remove and eliminate the pathogen. This did not happen in most cases.

So now they say we should be learning how to live with the Virus. WHY? Because we know that Omicron is not going to be the last variant. No one knows what the next variant will be nor its affects.

Case numbers are still high, meaning Coronavirus is still active in the community and can walk in your door at any time.

Despite several scientists around the world concluding that improving ventilation and using HEPA Filters will provide protection, it just doesn’t make sense scientifically. Fresh air may dilute the virus and HEPA Filters may trap virus in the air that reaches a HEPA Filter, but neither will neutralise the virus. If someone is in the path of a viral load, these measures will not work and may make transmission worse.

Despite the Victoria Department of Education and Training Victoria selecting and installing Samsung Consumer model HEPA Air purifiers in school classrooms, Covid has dramatically increased in those schools. The Guardian Australia reports on 25 March 2022, that “Rising Covid Cases force some schools in NSW and Victoria to return to remote learning.” The NZ Ministry of Education purchased 5000 of the same units under emergency procedures for New Zealand Schools.  No doubt that we will see similar results.

If you are opening your business for, hopefully full capacity, what can you do to make it as safe as possible?

Its time to do something different.

Look for an air purification system that uses Dielectric Barrier Discharge BiPolar (DBD BPI) ionisation. These systems can be installed in any indoor air space that removes up to 99.9% of COVID-19 virus from circulating air and surfaces. An all-natural solution with no harmful chemicals, radiations, or by-products. One of the advantages of the Dielectric Barrier Discharge Bipolar ionization process is that it allows air purification to occur within the desired space, treating a larger volume of air, instead of relying on contaminants passing through the air handler unit or filter to be cleaned.

Adapted from Morawska et al

This technology will future proof any indoor space and be effective against any variant.

Solutions can be standalone non-ducted systems, floor, wall or ceiling mounted or if you have an HVAC system can be installed into your existing ducted system.

Dielectric Barrier Discharge Bi-Polar technology (DBD BPI) has been around for over 70 years with proven results, peer reviewed studies and laboratory certifications. This technology should not be confused with any other type of Bipolar Ionisation products on the market that are “emerging” technologies and are questioned by experts around the world for safety and efficacy.

Many business people and institutions have chosen to install DBD BPI to provide the best possible Indoor Air Quality. For example:

Office Buildings

  • Google
  • Deloitte
  • Empire State Realty Trust
  • Cosentini Associates
  • Ford

Travel and Cruise Ship Lines including

  • Celestial Cruises
  • Virgin Cruise lines
  • Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings  (28 Ships in Fleet)
  • Antartica21
  • LAX and La Guardia airports

Stadiums such as:

  • DCI Events Centre
  • Staples Centre and more

Multiple Schools and Universities in the USA

Major Hospitals in the USA.

These Companies have made an educated decision to use DBD BPI technology to provide the safest Indoor Air Quality for their people. This is available in New Zealand and Australia to suit any size space for a modest investment. Let’s make our indoor spaces as safe as possible.

DBD BPI technology has been tested to show improvements to indoor air quality when increasing ambient ion output levels between 800 and 1,500 ions per cm3. At these ion saturation levels, the technology has shown an 85.8% reduction to 0.3 micron particles as tested by Intertek to ANSI / AHAM AC 1 method, an average 90% reduction in VOC compounds as tested by Syracuse University to ANSI / AHAM AC 2 and ATL testing which shows a 99% reduction in aerosolized MS2 Staph and Ecoli within the air, method all standardised protocols. 

Using a high-quality Laboratory Ion Testing unit the Ion count in a space can be measured and will normally be 2 to 3 times the amount considered as capable of neutralising Coronavirus.

The impact of other purification measures can not be tested in this way.

In summary, to reduce the risk of transmission indoors HEPA Filtration and increasing fresh air ventilation do not neutralise viral load. DBD BPI has been tested to remove up to 99.9% of COVID-19 virus from circulating air and surfaces.

Written by Greg Doherty CEO and Director of HQH Fitness.

Why Seniors Should Give Meditation and Yoga a Try


The quest for the Fountain of Youth continues, and many claim to have found it.

It’s not an actual fountain; nor is it a miracle diet or medical procedure that will add years to your life. It’s two ancient Eastern practices that have gained popularity in the West over the past decades thanks to their astounding benefits for physical and mental health: meditation and yoga.

They have much in common, including the emphasis on rhythmic breathing and mindfulness. This combination allows you to come to grips with negative sensations and emotions running through your mind and body, and then accept them without judgement before letting them pass. Yoga and meditation are immensely therapeutic, as its millions of practitioners would attest to, including many seniors.

Curious? Here’s a closer look at the fascinating results of yoga and meditation, as well as some information on how to get started.

Stress Relief

You’ll gain calm through focusing on just one thing, in contrast to the mental multi-tasking that the modern world demands. In the long term, that makes you more conscious of how you think, letting you slow down, live in the moment, and react to passing emotions more effectively.

Better Mood

An improved mood comes naturally from the reduction in stress, but there’s more. Researchers have discovered a link between the healthy bacteria living in your intestines and mental health, dubbed the gut-brain axis, which is enhanced through the movements that make up yoga. As you advance through a series of poses, you’ll become happier as well as more limber.

Lower Blood Pressure

In a study cited by Science Daily, mindfulness intervention led to significant reductions in systolic and diastolic blood pressure compared with a control group that received lifestyle advice along with muscle relaxation instruction. That ultimately translates to better cardiovascular health for practitioners of yoga and meditation.

Stronger Immune System

It’s hard to believe that yoga can strengthen your immune system, but again, there’s science to back it up. According to research cited in MindBodyGreen, meditation boosts the amount of antibodies in your bloodstream, which is like putting more soldiers on the battlefield to fight germs that invade your body and make you sick.

Effective Pain Management

By focusing your mind on pain through mindfulness, you can lessen pain. As a psychologist explains to Psych Central, this gives you a more accurate perception of what you’re suffering so you learn from the experience and gain some control rather than spiral off into a state of fear.

If you’re now motivated to try yoga and meditation, here’s some advice on how.

Do Some Research

There are numerous forms of meditation and yoga, so finding the right one for you could take some time. Read up on the benefits of each before beginning your journey. That way, you have a better chance of winding up in the right place.

Get Instruction Online

Once again, the internet delivers. You’ll find plenty of websites that offer lessons in yoga specifically for beginners and seniors, and all you need is a mat and a laptop to get started. Guided meditation is also only a Google search away.

Locate a Studio Nearby

You may need the helping hand of an expert in the room with you, and that’s easy to come by because there are meditation and yoga studios all around. In fact, there could be one just a short walk away.

Talk to Your Doctor

It’s important to speak to your doctor before beginning yoga because it’s a form of exercise that could cause discomfort if done incorrectly, especially for seniors. Seniors should take caution when it comes to certain poses that have been known to cause injury.

Start Slow

Even if you get the go ahead from your doctor, who will likely be enthusiastic about you practicing yoga, don’t put any undue strain on your muscles or joints. Stop and take a rest if you feel any pain.

Now you’re on your way to better physical and mental health, along with a more fulfilling retirement in which you’ll meet each day with youthfulness and energy.

Enjoy the new you.

Image via Pixabay.Article provided by Harry Cline, Chief Educator

Total Gym– exciting product line up for 2018

Total Gym has introduced new products as an evolution of the brand.

Here’s a brief overview of  the Total Gym Product Line.

There are specific products designed to suit the Commercial Fitness market, Medical Rehab market and the Home user.

The benefits explained:

Total Gym® FIT for Home Usetg_logo_commfit_CMYK
This is the entry level model built specifically for the home user.
Almost all the exercises that can be done on the Commercial Total Gym can be performed on the Total Gym FIT.
• For tall users over 188cm (6’2”) the commercial product range is recommended.
Total Gym Fit
• The height of the rails is not as high but totally adequate for most users.
• The smaller footprint overall and the narrower base on the tower, could make the unit feel unstable for some users.
• The Squat stand is considerably smaller than the commercial models and because it is not telescoping, then, for those of medium to taller height would find that the biomechanics of leg work would be sub optimal.
• The pulley position for the bi-lateral cable system is limited to a fixed position.
• Pilates Kit is available
The biggest benefit of the FIT is the low price point for entry level home users, choose this model if your budget is your biggest concern.

Total Gym Heritage Series GTS is suitable for home use. Ask about availability.


Commercial Fitness tg_logo_commfit_CMYK



Total Gym® Encompass (Formerly branded as GTS)
Total Gym ENCOMPASS is our most popular model for commercial and home ELEVATE_encompass_faceleftapplications.
Matt Black Finish. Also, still available in Silver as the Heritage GTS unit, same features as below.
• Higher tower, so rails go to 22 levels which mean more resistance for leg work and pull-ups.
• It’s easy to raise and lower the rails with hydraulic assist.
• Non slip grip Lat bars can be pivoted down to do Chin ups and pull-ups.
• Lat Bars also allow for the pulley position at any point on the Lat bars, i.e. in or out, high, medium or low to fit all size users and maximise versatility of cable force angle, which means an infinite number of positions to build muscle. A big benefit!
• Retractable Dip Bars come installed as standard.
• New Improved Rail System for longer life.
• Telescoping Squat Stand for good biomechanics for leg work, great for strength work, cardio such as plyometric exercise.
• One of the most significant features is the adjustable glideboard, which allows you to put the Glideboard horizontal. The benefits of this are that it allows for better spinal positioning in laterally seated exercises like torso rotation. You still get the benefit of incline plane body weight but your body is working from a horizontal surface. Also great for stability for those with less personal stability, such as the senior user or for more advanced exercises kneeling or standing on the glideboard. Great benefits for Pilates exercises. The adjustable glide board adds versatility and variety to your exercise program. It can also be used as a weight bench or step up bench.
All of the Total Gym commercial product line has multiple pulley position points on the front of the tower for leg pulley and arm pulley attachment.

Choose this model for a premium exercise solution, for Commercial or Home use.
The Total Gym Encompass is the centrepiece of GRAVITY Studio Applications.
GRAVITY is an exciting revenue generating concept for Fitness facilities or Studios.


This is an example of a recent GRAVITY Studio Install, to offer Classes in a Club or Studio Environment

ELEVATE Circuit, an exciting  total body workout.

It’s functional, fun and suitable for all fitness levels.


From Left to Right: Adjustable Core Trainer, Press Trainer, Jump Trainer, Pull up Trainer, Adjustable Row Trainer

Our Product Specialists can advise you on selection to suit your needs.

6Piec Image

Elevate Circuit on the Gym Floor


Elevate Circuit  installed in a Gym Studio Space

Look for Chapter 2 of this series for more on the Elevate Circuit or contact us below.





Recovery Series For Medical Rehab

Total Gym® Recovery Series Power Tower
This has all the same benefits as the Encompass or GTS plus:
• The tower is taller going to 26 levels
• The main difference is that raising and lowering the rails is motorised, controlled by a switch on top of the tower or by remote control buttons in the cable handles. The benefit of this is that it is ideal as a time saver for the user, being able to change the level of the


Recovery Series Encompass is available as the Power Tower option (preferred) or the Non-Powered Encompass

rails without getting off the Total Gym. It is also great for users with limited mobility, i.e. obese or handicapped users.
• Electric power use is minimal and only required when changing the levels. Do not choose this model if your electrical supply is unreliable.
• The Recovery Series Power Tower come standard with the larger Closed Chain Platform, Retractable Dip Bars, Squat Handle Bar, and the Slide Distance Regulator.
Choose this model if seeking a premium exercise Solution with the added WOW factor of motorised incline adjustment. This is an ideal choice for the Rehab professional.

Accessories are available for Total Gym Encompass and Recovery Power Tower to enable more exercise for Strength work or for Pilates Protocols.


Total Gym LEX, Lower Extremity Trainer


Complete control for the Therapist for dynamic lower extremity work

The Recovery Series LEX  builds explosive power by developing lower body muscle mass with two primary movement,the squat and the squat jump. The LEX produces both concentric and eccentric loading of the muscles– allowing users to accelerate and decelerate quickly during a squat jump in a safe and controlled manner. By supporting a percentage of the users own bodyweight with varying incline. The LEX enables a patient who cannot perform a jump to gradually progress to success. The LEX supports the spine during traditional squat exercises so that users can comfortably control the descending and ascending phases of the squat, while providing an opportunity for advanced variations  including single-leg squats and staggers stance squats.

  1. Provides concentric and eccentric force utilising both linear bodyweight resistance (BWR) and variable band resistance (VBR).
  2. Four resistance bands can be engaged to allow for an additional 5 to 35 KG resistance.
  3. Pneumatic brake protects joints during plyometric movements.
  4. Angled glideboard  provides comfort  and support for the upper body.
  5. Includes links to exercise library with additional and advanced exercise options.


Total Gym Recovery Row Trainer Adjustable

RS_RowADJ_5503-03_facingleftThe Recovery Series Row ADJ  is the only rower on an incline improves muscular fitness and satisfies both cardiovascular aerobic and strength training requirements simultaneously.

Targeting all muscle groups at the same time, the Row ADJ uses bodyweight resistance and enables a smooth consistent load through the entire range of motion, due to loaded concentric and eccentric phases of the exercise.

  1. Users can choose between seven levels of resistance which uses 16-33% of bodyweight. Note this version does not fold for storage.
  2. Adjustable incline body resistance integrates strength with cardio.
  3. Smooth consistent load through concentric and eccentric phases.
  4. Built for smooth multi-planar movement.
  5. Low impact compression  on the joints.
  6. Ergonomically designed seat designed for comfort and to encourage proper form.
  7. Easy mount and dismount.


Written By Greg Doherty

CEO of HQH FitnessGreg at IRHSA

Exclusive Distributors  for Total Gym in Australia  New Zealand and the South Pacific.


Contact us on the form below.

We can provide  specifications sheets for any of the products discussed above.


Total Gym Jump Trainer

Total Gym Jump Trainer FAQs

What is the Total Gym Jump Trainer?jumptrainer_altstaggerfeet_A
Total Gym has been developing functional incline training equipment that has set the standard for physical rehabilitation and athletic and sports performance since 1974. Innovative in its design, the Total Gym Jump Trainer provides a dedicated machine for lower body strengthening through squats, squat jumps and plyometric jumping. What is unique about the Jump Trainer is …read more

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What is Your Everest?







HQH Fitness is now in it’s 19th year of business and still going strong!
We are dedicated to seeing you thrive in your business this year and are looking for ways in which we can assist you in getting ahead of the game.

Sir Edmund Hillary, NZ’s greatest explorer once said “People do not decide to become extraordinary, they decide to accomplish extraordinary things”

What is your Everest? What is it that you would like to achieve and conquer in 2016…. here are few things to ponder…

EDUCATION – We offer a vast array of courses to keep you up to speed with this ever-changing industry.  We run Modern Trends in Fitness Workshops, BOSU Certification Courses and our long-standing GRAVITY Foundation, Pilates and Post-rehab courses. Invest in yourself and your business and take a workshop or course each quarter.

VERSATILITY – Total Gym offers huge versatility with it’s flagship product GTS and Power Tower (with our GRAVITY Education running alongside), and more recently the Elevate line, all pieces are member intuitive and can easily be placed on the studio/gym floor. 

EFFICIENT – We are very efficient at HQH Fitness and pay great attention to our customers.  We can work with you on your project whether you are just starting out or wanting to update and refresh your facility.

REHABILITATION – This is the biggest growth area, with an ageing population we are at the forefront of this.

In 2013/2014 ACC accepted 1.8 million new claims:

  • 186,696 new claims for workplace injuries
  • 32,481 new claims for road injuries
  • 456,101 for sports and recreation injuries
  • 1,115,824 for injuries in the home and community.

Did you know Total Gym was specifically designed for the Therapy and Rehab market?  We have great testimonies from hospital, physio’s and therapists who are all using Total Gym successfully in their clinics.  We have a wide range of rehabilitation equipment that you can use with your clients to aid in their recovery.

EDGE – To get ahead in 2016 you need the “edge” on your competitors – what can you do differently or better?  Let us help you with that, use us as a sounding board, throw your ideas at us and we will happily brainstorm with you.

START – Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.  “So start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible” Francis of Assisi   

TIMING  – Is everything, but if you fail to plan you, you are planning to fail.  Contact us today and talk to us about your dreams and goals for 2016 and let’s see how we can turn them into a reality!



A Recipe for Success by Kerry Johnson

For the past few years I’ve been slowly building my own fitness business locally so that I can have more time at home with the kids and still earn a living doing what I love.  My own training business is going so well and I’m loving every minute of what I do.  I work across 3 studios – all have Total Gym, bosu and other functional tools – none are traditional gyms at all.  The award winning studio – InShape Studio, Active + Physio Clinic in Orewa and my own small home studio.  

I teach approx. 20 small group sessions a week across these 3 studios as well as seeing a handful of one on one clients. I can also say hand on heart that all classes are full with regular clients with over half of them attending more than one session a week.  I achieve this through using Total Gym, BOSU and soft foam rollers plus applying my knowledge of pilates, functional movement training and other fun things like brain gym and yoga.  NO BURPEES, NO BOOTCAMPS – no horrendous joint crunching over the top exercises. 


I have found my niche – it has taken a long time for me to find my niche and to understand it, a lot of training and research, observing and working with awesome physios, more experienced trainers such as Helen Chisholm (owner of InShape Studio) – and a lot of passion about wanting to help people move and feel better.  My approach has always been client driven not money driven. 

I’ve put together a list below of “My Recipe for Success” – 

  •  Find your niche – understand what you are good at, passionate about, what sets you apart from other trainers – what makes you unique. I started in this industry over 17 years ago as a crazy aerobics instructor – I made it my mission to teach everything – all styles of group fitness – you name it I’ve taught it.  Over the years my stance on fitness has changed so much – now I teach gentle, slow functional movement/pilates based mobility and strength exercise sessions – still effective and challenging but I have a different appreciation for movement patterns and exercise for wellness – my main client base is women aged 35-70 – most with injuries, core dysfunction, aches and pains, medical conditions etc. Total Gym and BOSU allows me to train these women in a way that is so unique, fun, creative and effective.
  • Keep learning – always – never think you know it all or know better than others – you can learn something from every client you train and every trainer you work with/observe.  Be open to learning and re-educating yourself.  Evolve as a trainer.learning
  • Create/find a network of likeminded professionals to work with that can feed into your niche – a referral network. Don’t be afraid to share clients with other trainers – you can achieve more working together than on your own.
  • Look for opportunities and grab them – trust in yourself.  Put your hand up and say yes!  Taking on a challenge and putting yourself out of your comfort zone is what makes you grow.  Whether its volunteering to help at an event, do a talk/presentation, write an article.  To be successful as a trainer I have done and still do alot of things for free – because it’s my passion and I want to share knowledge and learn more and grow.
  • Be consistent, keep things simple.  Have set rules and pricing for your services, don’t have too many options.  Fill sessions before you add more.  Be careful with your time.  If you don’t set parameters and days/times that you will work you can end up working at all times of the day and night but still not be successful.  Try to run sessions and clients back to back. Be clear about your rules re booking and cancellations right from the start.


  • Focus on what your clients can do – their potential to succeed – not all the things they can’t do or do wrong.  I was told a long time ago – “if your student doesn’t understand what you are teaching it is not the student’s fault it is the teacher’s”.  I always have this in my mind. 
  • Have fun and make your clients laugh and smile – include them in your business, your successes, ask them their opinion, be interested in their lives, introduce new people to others in the group sessions – make everyone feel part of something that they belong to – not just a face in the crowd.


If your Total Gym/studio sessions aren’t running hot all the time with waiting lists contact me to have a chat/email about how to make it work better for you!

Kerry Johnson Photo 2011

About Kerry Johnson…   With over fifteen years experience in the fitness industry. Kerry has worked in a wide range of fitness and leisure centres in the UK and New Zealand, including Fitness First, Configure Express, Contours,  Council run Leisure Centres and Corporate Leisure companies.   With experience of being a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness instructor, Studio Co-ordinator and Club Management – Kerry is a passionate, energetic presenter.  She enjoys seeing how the ‘fitness experience’ is evolving and improving health and fitness for all. Kerry teaches group fitness, GRAVITY Programmes and pilates on the North Shore & on the Hibiscus Coast plus runs her own PT business from her home studio and InShape Studio in Whangaparaoa.  She also currently works for HQH Fitness and her role involves providing business solutions for people interested in setting up a new functional fitness studio or gym. She is also a Master Trainer in multiple fitness systems and runs workshops & courses through HQH Fitness.

Pomegranate juice’s therapeutic benefits


Pomegranate juice (PG) was recently studied in a randomized placebo-controlled trial conducted by the Nephrology Department of the Western Galilee Hospital, Israel. The study showed an increase in innate immune function and a decrease in the progression of the atherosclerotic … Continue reading