Five Tips to Motivate You to Change Your Behaviour and Improve Your Health After COVID

Are you tired of talking about getting moving again and not doing it? Or setting your New Year’s resolutions and goals to start working out and continue putting it off? How do you change from being dormant to wanting to move and exercise again? Although this is far from easy, and there are thousands of reasons we can find why not to, I would like to share my five actionable tips to help make this process seem manageable and motivating!

No matter how difficult and out of reach your health and fitness goals seem, these techniques will provide you with the motivation and courage to get your health and fitness back on track! Let’s focus on the areas we have neglected and now need to be adjusted after the pandemic.

The below quote is one of my favourite’s and is an excellent reminder that we have the power, and no one can do this for you.

Words by Dr Wayne Dyer, the “Father of Motivation” himself, “Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.”

Firstly, one needs to understand that humans have the unique and incredible capacity to experience a wide range of emotions. But if you let your feelings dictate your life experience without pinpointing why you feel a particular way, your emotions control you. Over time, this affects how you think and act every single day. If a sense of well-being fuels you, you’ll exude happiness and calm. If you’re bogged down by negativity, those around you will sense your unhappiness and fear. 

How can you avoid the latter? The truth is that you are entirely in charge of how you feel, including whether you feel motivated or not. Once you understand that your feelings are within your control, you’re well on your way to understanding how to control them and use them to your advantage. 

Motivation is not something people are born with – it’s something you must create. Building motivation creates the feeling of courage and certainty that you can accomplish what you set out to do. Motivation is like any other emotion. It is something you feel, and you can train yourself to access it instantly.

Learning how to get your motivation back in the face of fear, stress and anxiety take practice and persistence. Think of it as learning a new skill. Once you’ve mastered it, it can be extremely liberating. Similarly, being brave and having courage when the situation calls for it can also be cultivated. Remember that life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it.

Below are five ways scientifically proven to create motivation within yourself, no matter how much you don’t want to or believe that it’s not possible.

  1. Use the “5 Second Rule” by Mel Robbins and do it now.

The 5-second rule is simple. If you have an instinct to act on a goal, you must physically move within five seconds, or your brain will kill it. Hesitation is the kiss of death. You might hesitate for just a nanosecond, but that’s all it takes. That one slight hesitation triggers a mental system that’s designed to stop you. And it happens in less than, you guessed it, five seconds. Next time your alarm goes off to get up and go to the gym or do your morning exercise, count down in your head 5,4,3,2,1 and immediately push yourself out of bed. The truth is, you’re never going to feel like it, so remember that and be the one that pushes through the mental barrier and start moving! It’s been shown in studies at Harvard University that you’re 87% more likely to go and do what you set out to for the day if you just push through that initial sticking point. This simple technique can be used to start training again and can also be used to overcome depression, follow it exactly, and it just works. This same type of principle is quoted in the movie, We Bought a Zoo, Matt Damon’s character tells his son, who’s struggling to share his feelings with a girl he likes, “You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.”

Fear can seem overwhelming if you think you’re going to have to experience it for days or hours. But everyone can face their fear for just 20 seconds. Or even less. Often, you just have to take one simple action, knock down the first domino, which sets the whole course of things in motion. The die is cast! You force your own hand; you burn the bridge behind you; you have no choice but to engage with what follows next.

  • Acknowledge your lack of motivation or fear of getting started and confront it!

“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse,” Jim Rohn. Acknowledge the fear that you aren’t moving enough and could be taking years off your life or that you won’t feel confident in a bathing suit at the beach or pool this summer. While you’re lying in bed and that same hesitation comes up that has been for the last two years and the feeling of not wanting to get up arises, grab on to those parts of your body that you’re feeling the least happy about, your love handles, your stomach, whatever it may be and squeeze them. Allow yourself to feel into that uncomfortable feeling and guilt and use it for good as ammunition to get yourself out of bed and start exercising. Pain is our greatest motivator of all, so don’t be afraid to use it! 

  • The “DO SOMETHING” principle by Mark Manson.

Doing something towards your health and fitness goals will provide motivation and the courage to keep moving and stay motivated. The conclusion is that if you lack the motivation to make an important change in your life, then do something, anything really, and then harness the reaction to that action to begin motivating yourself. “Action isn’t just the effect of motivation, but also the cause of it.” (Your actions create further emotional reactions and inspirations and move on to motivate your future) Action → Inspiration → Motivation. With action, you will gain inspiration and eventually be motivated to continue to train due to just starting on one small thing like going for your first long walk or doing some push-ups in your home. Pretty soon, you’ll be doing an entire workout routine with ease, without any thought of difficulty.

If you require the courage and confidence to go into a gym? Do something, such as reconnaissance to remove aspects of the unknown. Go in and check it out, meet the coaches and see where you are going into. Or you may want to just start by doing a form of mindfulness, such as downloading 1 Giant Mind or the Calm app to begin meditating or practice breathwork and box breathing. Whatever it is, just start by doing, and this will roll into inspired motivation. Remember that perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races, one after the other.

  • Find motivation in numbers.

It’s much easier to act in the company of even one other person who feels the way you do. The hardest thing in the world is to dissent solo. Sometimes, you’ll have to go it alone, of course. But often, this isn’t necessary. Find a coach, personal trainer or mentor that resonates with you, speaks your language and one you believe you would want to spend time with. That in itself can sometimes be the motivation that you require.

  • Reward yourself every step of the way.

Reinforce your successes by giving yourself a reward when dealing with what is holding you back or your fear of getting started. This could be a physical treat, like a nice bottle of wine, or a mental treat, like taking a break from training or human interaction and binge-watching a show on Netflix. By rewarding yourself and celebrating the small wins, you reinforce your motivation to take more inspired action and keep going. Don’t forget that it’s about the process, not the destination.

You are now psychologically and emotionally equipped to go out and start moving again. The only thing to do next is to decide what steps you will take today to challenge yourself and others to hit your health and fitness goals this year.

Remember that to make a change; you must find the energy not just to start but complete the change. “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” — Zig Ziglar

A WellCorp health and fitness coach can help you develop the skills you need to overcome fear and reach your full potential.

Meghan Jarvis
A former World Class BMX bicycle racer, Meghan came to Australia to play professional basketball and ended up staying as a lead lecturer at the Australian Institute of Fitness. She most recently appeared as a ‘Ninja’ on Channel Nine’s Australian Ninja Warrior. Meghan’s passion for fitness and entrepreneurialism led her to found WellCorp Health and Wellness and Buzvil a global health and fitness app. She believes strongly in the importance of re-defining and bridging the gap between physical health and mental health. She is also the Total Gym BDO, Precor and Altitude Training National Master Coach, making her an authority on fitness equipment, technology, peak performance and an international speaker. Her experiences as an athlete, educational portfolio (Sports Scientist, Kinesiologist and Masters of Coaching), entrepreneurial ventures, and enthusiastic character have shaped her as a formidable leader in fitness and an international speaker.

Expand, Grow, Live!

Insight from Josh Smith

Looking out of Mitise Health and Fitness’ office window, I am able to see vast distances in all directions.

I can view the steadily rising Adelaide Hills in the south, with houses scattered sparsely across their slopes. Blending down into the densely populated inner city suburbs, the hills gradually make way for the towering concrete buildings of the CBD, stacked floor upon floor of workers, day in, day out.

As I scan further to the north, I am able to see the new projects our government is undertaking, from the new hospital to new housing estates and local community developments. Continuing my scan west, I eventually come to the see the deep blue sea of the Gulf, with its shipping port acting as a gateway to the world’s oceans.

During this relatively quick viewing of my small home town, I came to the realisation that there is a substantial amount of opportunity in the world for us as individuals:

  • For business growth
  • For personal development
  • For social connections
  • For education
  • For financial gain
  • For physical capabilities

…just to name a few.

These opportunities are presented to us every day, in our work, our home lives, and during our spare time. But what do we do with them? What CAN we do with them?


YOU can develop, build, and change any of these in any which way you see fit, given the right amount of time and effort.

YOU can start a business, today, and build it to be bigger than Nike or McDonalds.

YOU are able to read, which gives you access to hundreds of thousands of personal development coaches, gurus and experts the world over, in books and magazines.

YOU can learn, from any and all of these coaches, strategies to look at the world differently, to relate to people better, and to increase the quality of your life.

YOU can join new sporting teams, social groups or professional bodies.

YOU can pick up a new textbook, download a new podcast, or watch a new DVD, and immediately learn something new about the world.

YOU have the ability to save more money, whether its one dollar or one hundred dollars, and re-invest it to make you MORE money.

YOU can spend more time at the gym or the local park, or you can take the stairs instead of the elevator.

YOU can lift more weights, go for a longer run or join a Pilates class, taking your body ever closer to that body you always dreamed of.

YOU could repeat this process over and over again, gaining new friends, new networks, bigger business, more financial freedom, unlimited knowledge, a greater level of self awareness, of social responsibility, of physical capacity.

Yet you don’t.

Why not?

Is it time that you did something different? Time you explored new avenues, or finally stepped out of your comfort zone?

It is only by getting out of our current comfort zones that we can seek to grow and develop as human beings, taking ourselves to that next level, the one we are always striving for yet never seem to reach.

So this month I challenge you to take the first step, climb that first rung, and do something different to that which you have always done. You will never know where it may lead you…

Josh Smith
Josh is the Director of Mitise Health & Fitness, offering Personal Training, Nutritional Guidance, Lifestyle Coaching, Personal Development, Corporate Seminars, BootCamps and Boxing Groups. Josh is a qualified CHEK Exercise Coach, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 and GRAVITYPersonalTrainer, along with various other qualifications and trainings, and is a very inspirational individual. Mitise (pronounced my-ties) is a word invented by Josh and actually stands for “It is within/in Me“. Check out the spelling of Mitise and you’ll see the connection. Clever huh!


By Josh Smith

Coming in to a high amount of business growth over the past month and a half has meant that for me, I have had to re-evaluate and re-prioritise my current lifestyle and the direction my current choices are taking me.

Having this discussion with a few friends and clients of mine, it seems that for many people – what they actually want from life, and the current direction that they are going in, are two very different things!

How often do you hear “I wish that my life was better” or “Nothing ever goes my way”, or another, generally as equally miserable, saying along the same lines?

If you had to ask me, I would say that I hear these types of sayings uttered at least 3 to 5 times per week, and I’m sure you would be the same. With the advent of social media and the ease of ‘status updates’, you might even see these sayings 3 to 5 times PER DAY!

Being the type of person I am, I like to challenge these types of people on what they actually mean by their sayings. More often than not I get answers that, when broken down further, relate to discrepancies between how they currently prioritise their life and what is needed to achieve the outcomes they wish for.

So you wish to get paid more? Then while you are at work why spend time playing on social media, reading the newspaper or taking long lunch breaks? In my mind that is not something the boss will pay you extra to do!

In the health and fitness industry, it is imperative we teach our clients to prioritise correctly. In my role as a lifestyle coach and business mentor to personal trainers, I spend hours each week delving into the deeper recesses of my clients minds, uncovering exactly HOW they are currently prioritising and WHERE they need to make changes.

So this week I ask you: are your priorities leading you in the right direction?

  • Are there things you want to achieve; business growth, physical development, or financial gains, that are being hindered by your current subconscious attitudes?
  • Are you spending too much time socialising, procrastinating or focusing on the less important things?
  • Do you find yourself spending major time on minor things?

If so then I urge you to take a deeper look at yourself.

Take some to reflect upon your goals, and start to uncover the behaviours and habits that are impeding your progress towards them. Write them down, remember them, and learn what it is that is taking away from your ideal lifestyle.

Only by knowing what is not good for you, can you develop the behaviours that will be GREAT for you!

Josh Smith
Josh is the Director of Mitise Health & Fitness which offers Personal Training, Nutritional Guidance, Lifestyle Coaching, Personal Development, Corporate Seminars, BootCamps and Boxing Groups. Josh is a qualified CHEK Exercise Coach, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 and GRAVITYPersonalTrainer, along with various other qualifications and trainings, and is a very inspirational individual. Mitise (pronounced my-ties) is a word invented by Josh and actually stands for “It is within/in Me“. Check out the spelling of Mitise and you’ll see the connection. Clever huh!

Seek Coincidence

By Josh Smith

They happen every day, to each of us, yet most people to fail to recognise their immense importance to our lives.

Those who do recognise their importance and actively seek them out are by far and away the most successful, happy, motivated and alive people you will ever meet. These people are financially well off, respected in their communities, and almost always have a wealth of knowledge and experience they are willing to share with anyone who shows some interest.

What I am talking about here, what these people seek out and unfortunately many others do not, is coincidence.

Every single day, each of us encounters coincidences of nature in many different shapes, sizes and forms. Some coincidences are quite obviously coincidental, and you may walk away from them wondering about the ‘randomness’ of it all. Some coincidences on the other hand, must be actively sought out, thus putting them in the category of ‘pseudo-coincidence’.

Pseudo-coincidences are those coincidences that occur through an action or thought of your own leading to an outcome for which you didn’t plan.

For example, you help an old lady across the street with her shopping and she rewards you with a $50.00 note she pulls from her purse. Now it just so happens that this $50.00 covers a bill or invoice you received a few days prior, thus putting this in the category of a pseudo-coincidence.

It was only recently I was reflecting upon my own life path to date, and tracing back through it the coincidences that lead me to be where I am now. Some of these were sought out, actively pursued ideas that got me a result, whereas others were just chance coincidences or opportunities that I decided to follow.

Have a think about your own life now…

  • Have there been any significant, chance events that lead you to change your current path?
  • Have you recognised a coincidence as its come to you, and taken the chance that it may mean something towards the greater picture of your life?

All the time we are presented with opportunities; coincidental encounters, meetings or conversations, that if taken, help us to grow, educate and evolve ourselves in ways we may not currently understand.

So it is my challenge this month to you, to become aware of what may be happening around you.

Reflect on previous coincidences and see where they have taken you, and open yourself up to explore future opportunities that arise through coincidental encounters.

It is only through becoming accepting of what the world has to offer us can we experience the fullest and most enriching of lives, a life that upon ending, leaves no regrets, no missed opportunities and no apologies for how it was lived.

I shall leave you this month with a quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. (1841—1935) on the evolution of the human psyche through external experience:

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

Remember this, next time that poor old lady looks like she needs a helping hand…

Josh Smith
Josh is the Director of Mitise Health & Fitness which offers Personal Training, Nutritional Guidance, Lifestyle Coaching, Personal Development, Corporate Seminars, BootCamps and Boxing Groups. Josh is a qualified CHEK Exercise Coach, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 and GRAVITYPersonalTrainer, along with various other qualifications and trainings, and is a very inspirational individual. Mitise (pronounced my-ties) is a word invented by Josh and actually stands for “It is within/in Me“. Check out the spelling of Mitise and you’ll see the connection. Clever huh!