Expand, Grow, Live!

Insight from Josh Smith

Looking out of Mitise Health and Fitness’ office window, I am able to see vast distances in all directions.

I can view the steadily rising Adelaide Hills in the south, with houses scattered sparsely across their slopes. Blending down into the densely populated inner city suburbs, the hills gradually make way for the towering concrete buildings of the CBD, stacked floor upon floor of workers, day in, day out.

As I scan further to the north, I am able to see the new projects our government is undertaking, from the new hospital to new housing estates and local community developments. Continuing my scan west, I eventually come to the see the deep blue sea of the Gulf, with its shipping port acting as a gateway to the world’s oceans.

During this relatively quick viewing of my small home town, I came to the realisation that there is a substantial amount of opportunity in the world for us as individuals:

  • For business growth
  • For personal development
  • For social connections
  • For education
  • For financial gain
  • For physical capabilities

…just to name a few.

These opportunities are presented to us every day, in our work, our home lives, and during our spare time. But what do we do with them? What CAN we do with them?


YOU can develop, build, and change any of these in any which way you see fit, given the right amount of time and effort.

YOU can start a business, today, and build it to be bigger than Nike or McDonalds.

YOU are able to read, which gives you access to hundreds of thousands of personal development coaches, gurus and experts the world over, in books and magazines.

YOU can learn, from any and all of these coaches, strategies to look at the world differently, to relate to people better, and to increase the quality of your life.

YOU can join new sporting teams, social groups or professional bodies.

YOU can pick up a new textbook, download a new podcast, or watch a new DVD, and immediately learn something new about the world.

YOU have the ability to save more money, whether its one dollar or one hundred dollars, and re-invest it to make you MORE money.

YOU can spend more time at the gym or the local park, or you can take the stairs instead of the elevator.

YOU can lift more weights, go for a longer run or join a Pilates class, taking your body ever closer to that body you always dreamed of.

YOU could repeat this process over and over again, gaining new friends, new networks, bigger business, more financial freedom, unlimited knowledge, a greater level of self awareness, of social responsibility, of physical capacity.

Yet you don’t.

Why not?

Is it time that you did something different? Time you explored new avenues, or finally stepped out of your comfort zone?

It is only by getting out of our current comfort zones that we can seek to grow and develop as human beings, taking ourselves to that next level, the one we are always striving for yet never seem to reach.

So this month I challenge you to take the first step, climb that first rung, and do something different to that which you have always done. You will never know where it may lead you…

Josh Smith
Josh is the Director of Mitise Health & Fitness, offering Personal Training, Nutritional Guidance, Lifestyle Coaching, Personal Development, Corporate Seminars, BootCamps and Boxing Groups. Josh is a qualified CHEK Exercise Coach, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 and GRAVITYPersonalTrainer, along with various other qualifications and trainings, and is a very inspirational individual. Mitise (pronounced my-ties) is a word invented by Josh and actually stands for “It is within/in Me“. Check out the spelling of Mitise and you’ll see the connection. Clever huh!