Seek Coincidence

By Josh Smith

They happen every day, to each of us, yet most people to fail to recognise their immense importance to our lives.

Those who do recognise their importance and actively seek them out are by far and away the most successful, happy, motivated and alive people you will ever meet. These people are financially well off, respected in their communities, and almost always have a wealth of knowledge and experience they are willing to share with anyone who shows some interest.

What I am talking about here, what these people seek out and unfortunately many others do not, is coincidence.

Every single day, each of us encounters coincidences of nature in many different shapes, sizes and forms. Some coincidences are quite obviously coincidental, and you may walk away from them wondering about the ‘randomness’ of it all. Some coincidences on the other hand, must be actively sought out, thus putting them in the category of ‘pseudo-coincidence’.

Pseudo-coincidences are those coincidences that occur through an action or thought of your own leading to an outcome for which you didn’t plan.

For example, you help an old lady across the street with her shopping and she rewards you with a $50.00 note she pulls from her purse. Now it just so happens that this $50.00 covers a bill or invoice you received a few days prior, thus putting this in the category of a pseudo-coincidence.

It was only recently I was reflecting upon my own life path to date, and tracing back through it the coincidences that lead me to be where I am now. Some of these were sought out, actively pursued ideas that got me a result, whereas others were just chance coincidences or opportunities that I decided to follow.

Have a think about your own life now…

  • Have there been any significant, chance events that lead you to change your current path?
  • Have you recognised a coincidence as its come to you, and taken the chance that it may mean something towards the greater picture of your life?

All the time we are presented with opportunities; coincidental encounters, meetings or conversations, that if taken, help us to grow, educate and evolve ourselves in ways we may not currently understand.

So it is my challenge this month to you, to become aware of what may be happening around you.

Reflect on previous coincidences and see where they have taken you, and open yourself up to explore future opportunities that arise through coincidental encounters.

It is only through becoming accepting of what the world has to offer us can we experience the fullest and most enriching of lives, a life that upon ending, leaves no regrets, no missed opportunities and no apologies for how it was lived.

I shall leave you this month with a quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. (1841—1935) on the evolution of the human psyche through external experience:

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

Remember this, next time that poor old lady looks like she needs a helping hand…

Josh Smith
Josh is the Director of Mitise Health & Fitness which offers Personal Training, Nutritional Guidance, Lifestyle Coaching, Personal Development, Corporate Seminars, BootCamps and Boxing Groups. Josh is a qualified CHEK Exercise Coach, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 and GRAVITYPersonalTrainer, along with various other qualifications and trainings, and is a very inspirational individual. Mitise (pronounced my-ties) is a word invented by Josh and actually stands for “It is within/in Me“. Check out the spelling of Mitise and you’ll see the connection. Clever huh!

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