Choosing the Total Gym® model which is right for you





This is the entry level model built specifically for the home user.

Almost all the exercises that can be done on the Commercial Total Gym can be performed on the Total Gym XLS.

  • For tall users over 188cm (6’2”) the commercial product range is recommended
  • The height of the rails is not as high but totally adequate for most users.
  • The smaller footprint overall and the narrower base on the tower, could make the unit feel unstable for some users.
  • The Squat stand is considerably smaller than the commercial models and because it is not telescoping, then, for those of medium to taller height would find that the biomechanics of leg work would be sub optimal.
  • The pulley position for the bi-lateral cable system is limited to a fixed position.

The biggest benefit of the XLS is the low price point for entry level users, choose this model if your budget is your biggest concern.

total-gym-GTS gts-image

Total Gym GTS is our most popular model for commercial and home applications.

  • Higher tower, so rails go to 22 levels which mean more resistance for leg work and pull-ups.
  • It’s easy to raise and lower the rails with hydraulic assist.
  • Non slip grip Lat bars can be pivoted down to do Chin ups and pull-ups.
  • Lat Bars also allow for the pulley position at any point on the Lat bars, i.e. in or out, high, medium or low to fit all size users and maximise versatility of cable force angle, which means an infinite number of positions to build muscle.  A big benefit!
  • Telescoping Squat stand is the same as on the Sport and Power Tower for good biomechanics for leg work, great for strength work, cardio such as plyometric exercise.
  • One of the most significant features is the adjustable glideboard, which allows you to put the Glideboard horizontal. The benefits of this are that it allows for better spinal positioning in laterally seated exercises like torso rotation. You still get the benefit of incline plane body weight but your body is working from a horizontal surface. Also great for stability for those with less personal stability, such as the senior user or for more advanced exercises kneeling or standing on the glideboard.  Great benefits for Pilates exercises. The adjustable glide board adds versatility and variety to your exercise program. It can also be used as a weight bench or step up bench.

All of the Total Gym commercial product line has multiple pulley position points on the front of the tower for leg pulley and arm pulley attachment.

Choose this model for a premium exercise solution.

Total-GYm-power-tower power-tower

This has all the same benefits as the GTS, plus:

  • The tower is taller going to 26 levels
  • The main difference is that raising and lowering the rails is motorised, controlled by a switch on top of the tower or by remote control buttons in the cable handles.  The benefit of this is that it is ideal as a time saver for the user, being able to change the level of the rails without getting off the Total Gym.  It is also great for users with limited mobility, i.e. obese or handicapped users.
  • Electric power use is minimal and only required when changing the levels. Do not choose this model if your electrical supply is unreliable.

Choose this model if seeking a premium exercise Solution with the added WOW factor of motorised incline adjustment


3 thoughts on “Choosing the Total Gym® model which is right for you

  1. I have previously purchased a Total Gym XLS via a television commercial. I have just recently noticed that there are additional accessories which I would like to obtain. I live in Australia. These include the AbCrunch accessory, the upper body system including bars for push-ups, and other accessories. The website which I have recently visited only caters for customers in the U.S. and Canada. How could I obtain these accessories? Another thing, if I upgrade, would these things work with the upgraded version of Total Gym, e.g. Total Gym Fit?

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